Exhibits that Create a Presence.

Thousands of decision-makers attend trade shows every year and a majority attend the same shows each year while others are new to the circuit.  No matter the case, all attendees are looking at your exhibit for the latest innovations and solutions to ultimately increase their bottom line.

Standing out, standing up and getting noticed (and REMEMBERED) is the biggest challenge for any company participating in trade shows.  Whether it’s a custom designed island, peninsula or end-cap exhibit, or one of possibly hundreds of inline booths, exhibitors need to employ a few key tactics to make lasting impressions, create media/industry/show buzz and drive attendees to your booth. 

Visible and Purposeful Messaging in your Exhibit

 “I didn’t see you at the show!”

Trade shows can range between 30 and 3000 exhibiting brands, all of whom are competing for a limited number of prospects. Using a trusted exhibit builder as a resource to help place brand messaging will up your company’s visibility among the masses in the aisles. 

Draw attention to your brand by extending primary messaging and logos across the highest point of your custom exhibit so it’s visible from nearly anywhere in the exhibit hall.  Secondary messaging, including details about products and services, should also be visible in the custom design once attendees have traveled closer to your booth.  A full-service, custom exhibit builder, like Exhibit Systems, Inc. (ESI), has the experience to leverage company/brand messaging into the overall design of a custom exhibit.

Consider the Attendee Experience

“There was so much going on in that booth!”

The layout and atmosphere of a custom display is just as important as attracting attendees with branded signage.  Your layout should allow for attendees to easily enter the booth, move through lead retrieval on to the interactive demonstration, and then to booth staff for questions and discussion. Be intentional about the design of your exhibit structure and the elements of the environment you are trying to create.  Put yourself in the mind of an attendee when considering the placement of furniture, booth components, demonstrations, and product and staff stations.

Something as simple as carpet color, or a staff member collecting leads on the aisle line, can create a psychological barrier inhibiting attendees from fully engaging with you and in the experience you are trying to create.  ESI can help you map-out the most effective flow of attendees through your exhibit for maximum brand exposure and engagement.

Lasting Impressions

“I’ve never seen that on the show floor before!”

The physical structure of your custom exhibit design is vital to attracting buyers to your brand.   The most effective design will organically mesh your unique brand and messaging into the appearance and assembly of a custom built display.  A knowledgeable exhibit builder, like ESI, will also know how to incorporate all those unique characteristics into a design assembled according to ‘show’ specifications, leaving nothing to chance. Highly-skilled craftspeople and high-quality materials ensure your brand will be poised to create significant impact on prospective buyers.

Attracting the attention of prospects at trade shows starts with a thoughtful approach and the right design. Look for a builder with a custom portfolio highlighting prominent brand messaging, thoughtful use of floor space and an eye for customization to provide a distinctive look!

Kim Simoni

Exhibit Systems Inc. Exhibit Systems Inc.




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