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In addition to a full range of custom exhibit design services, ESI offers the most technically advanced and comprehensive range of in-house trade show booth fabrication capabilities anywhere. We are experts in working with all types of material, from wood, metal, and glass, to plastic and composite. Our design capabilities include complete woodworking fabrication, laminating, Plexiglas bending, all types of painting and finishing, all types of metal fabrication, electrical, and data-communications wiring. A one-stop shop for all your trade show booth construction needs.

Exhibit Design and Fabrication go Hand in Hand

Our designers have extensive experience in all aspects of booth fabrication; our team leaders have all worked within our facilities for a minimum of five years. We actively utilize apprenticeship programs, as well as our own training programs, to ensure a highly skilled production team consistently producing top quality work. (We also offer trade show set up and exhibit management services for successful setup and event coordination.) Our detail department uses the most current AutoCAD release for developing and producing construction prints, detail prints, and floor plans.


CNC Machines Produce Highly Accurate Components

The router and panel saw are Computer-Numerically-Controlled (CNC), meaning designed components are engineered on a CAD system and directly downloaded to the machines’ control panels for fabrication. Accuracy and time efficiency are increased several fold, as manual layout and production of separate individual components are eliminated. In addition, this equipment optimizes the trade show exhibit designs material usage through computer-assisted layouts, which maximizes the yield derived from our raw stock, and is capable of working with virtually any type of material. Use of this equipment greatly increases our fabrication booth construction and cost efficiency.

We are experts at fabricating small to large-scale custom projects (one-offs), or producing large volume runs of standard components. Our award-winning design department utilizes state-of-the-art computer rendering hardware, 3D Studio Max, and other software. With over 30 year of experience, we have been a leader in exhibit fabrication since 1991. With outstanding rendering and animation capabilities, we have the tools to help our clients visualize the designs, materials, and lighting which are difficult to simulate.

Put your next event in experienced, capable hands. Choose ESI for success!





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