Colors impact the way we see situations. When enjoying some grub with your significant other, your favorite restaurant may use red lights throughout the place. The color red brings out a feeling of energy and heat. Emotions and colors will always relate to one another. With red symbolically representing the color of love or passion, you can see why this color is utilized in such a setting. Colors can have an impact on trade show exhibits and how much they want to grab attention.

Trade show attendees will always make an initial judgement of your exhibit before approaching it. The best way to welcome them is having an open booth feel with appropriate colors. You wouldn’t use the color blue for a new product launch because the color blue translates to a calm feeling. You want booth attendees to feel pumped up!

Dark blue, however, breaks down to mean having strong moral principles and honesty. What prospect doesn’t want an honest company to work with? Using this color will give the first impression of doing the right thing, while showing that a company is knowledgeable. Another interpretation of the color dark blue is power. Potential clients are looking for a company who strategically plans exhibits and conducts business in an ethical way.

On the other hand, brown means reliability and a sense of army-like toughness for trade show exhibits. Companies should handle their business with professionalism and not crack at the core. When handling anything that halts your progression, show how your company will stand out from the crowd.

When a person thinks of orange, construction zones or caution come to mind. In the case of exhibition, the color orange is silently yelling at trade show attendees. This is a great thing if your booth is worthy of all the attention. Dark orange is a slightly better color to symbolize enthusiasm for what you do. This color also means balance or vitality. Bringing energy and a spice of life into your trade show exhibit is the perfect combination for success.

Using too many colors will defeat the purpose of your trade show exhibiting goals. Stick with one or two main colors to represent what your company stands for and believes in. Following these guidelines for exhibits will help your company stand out in a trade show attendees’ mind. Hey, you might even get booth visitors to return for a friendly conversation or to bring their important business partner with them.

By: Mary Ruscitti at Exhibit Systems, Inc.




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