Exhibit Rental Chicago: Location, Location, and Location

Finding the Best Spot for Trade Show Exhibits

We plan our lives based upon our location, such as hitting up a local Taco Burrito King for dinner. Why travel an hour away when you can stay close to home? This methodology proves true for seeking out the perfect trade show location as well. Doing research, in advance, will give your company a head start. It will optimize your lead generation due to location.

You may be wondering where the best location on a trade show floor actually is. High traffic areas like main aisles, ends of rows, near the entrance, and corner spots are ideal. The right side of an aisle, when you walk through the main entrance, has more advantages than the left side. Another idea is to search for a spot by big seminar rooms and near the food court or restrooms. The only drawback is people will walk by your exhibit thinking about their own personal needs instead.

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Competing for attention at a trade show will never change. Try to avoid choosing a booth directly next to a major competitor of yours; the reason for this, is they could have a more elaborate exhibit. A neighboring booth with a PA system could distract from your own marketing efforts. Staying away from crowded areas such as noisy entrances and exits is a smart thing to do. In the midst of it all, your booth might not even be seen.

If your company has attended this particular show before, analyze the different locations you have selected in the past to see which was best. Aim to get that same spot by looking up dates for when booth selection starts. Shows will feature a pecking order for choosing a spot, and this means you might have to compromise on a location for a year. Another alternative is attending the show as a visitor and doing your homework while on the floor.

Booking trade show exhibits early is important to get the best location. When planning to attend a trade show last minute, keep in mind your company will not have many spaces left. The key point to remember is timing and research; it can lead to a great location for your exhibit. Achieving an ideal spot translates into accomplishing what you’re there to do.




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