Exhibit Rental Chicago: Tips and Tricks to Show your Dominance

Lighting up a Trade Show Exhibit

Forming an impression on the trade show floor is like going to a job interview. It only takes three seconds or so to grab the attention you’re looking for. In both of the above situations, the goal is to put your best foot forward. Standing out when walking the trade show floor can be achieved with using lights in a particular way. For example, if your company wants to highlight a main product, you could shine a spotlight directly on it.


Using lighting creates a reason for attendees to step into your booth and chat. This doesn’t mean every inch of your exhibit has to have lights. When you strategically place lights on important sections, this forces the attendees to pay attention to what you want. Lighting can also be seen from all over the trade show floor. In this regard, arranging to have lights placed above exhibits does the job.

Larger trade show exhibits need to bring attendees into an entirely new world. The booth should demand attention where people want to know more about the company. Create the same feeling people get when walking around Disneyland; like you need to see and know more. With a larger booth space, try to embrace an open feel without having too much going on inside.


Clamp on lights are used for pop up displays and kiosks to stand out. Don’t sacrifice showing attendees who you are just because you don’t have a bigger exhibit. With the amount of time it took to plan your trade show exhibit; remember to put as much effort into researching clamp on lights too. LED tape is also available to use for smaller exhibits on a banner. Light boxes are another way to highlight your booth.

The important message is to use lighting where it makes the most sense. The right balance of light will bring trade show attendees into your booth. Research what kind of lights your company wants and where they should be placed before executing a game plan. Remember, you want attendees to be amazed at how the lights accentuate your company.




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