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Exhibit Rentals

Not in the market to purchase a custom exhibit, no problem, exhibit rentals are the way to go!

Purchasing an exhibit can be an expensive and time consuming proposition. Exhibit rentals can greatly reduce the cost of owning by removing the costs of storage, repairing, shipping, installing and dismantling.

An exhibit rental (or a short term lease) is one way to have a unique exhibit without the cost of ownership. The exhibitor can select a design and have the use of that exhibit, with all of the customization that they desire without the cost of ownership. Exhibit rentals can be obtained for more than 1 use, reducing the cost of later rentals. There are many different reasons why exhibit rentals are so popular including the amount of ease and simplicity involved, the low cost of renting appose to owning, and the amount of diversity that comes with exhibit rentals.

Exhibit RentalsThe exhibit rentals process is easy!

You select the design, tweak it, select the services included and then we send you a quote. Just start with our handy Design Form, click submit and your on the way to a new exhibit without spending a dime. If you decide to go with exhibit rentals, the exhibitor shows up at the trade show and the exhibit is installed (see Trade Show Logistics for more information). If your next show has a different booth size, you simply select a new design.

You are NEVER locked down to a single exhibit when choosing exhibit rentals!

Why You Should Choose Exhibit Rentals From ESI?

Exhibit Systems Inc. is a premiere company in the trade show world! We have over 30 years of experience with trades show exhibits. When going with exhibit rentals from ESI you will always get a fair price and amazing quality work. Did we forget to mention that our design process is FREE!

ESI Has Much More Than Just Exhibit Rentals

We provide rental equipment for every aspect of the trade show. You can rent amazing chairs and tables that will create the exact atmosphere in your booth that you desire (see Trade Show Furniture and Audio/Visual Effects for more information). We also provide our customers with audio and video rental to complete any trade show exhibit.