Food for Thought: Trade Show Exhibit Style

Factors to Avoid with an Exhibit Rental

A lot of hard work and planning goes into trade show exhibits. Before jumping into what everyone else is doing in the industry, there are certain things to think about. For example, how do you want your exhibit to stand out? Are you going to have freebies? How do you want to market your company? Using some common sense before going full speed will save your company a lot of time and money!

Not setting goals is a huge mistake to avoid making when exhibiting at trade shows. Having a clear goal in mind, like building customer relationships, is important to knowing why you’re there. Sit down with your team and have a meeting about what your company wants to accomplish. This immediately gets everyone on the same page.

Exhibit Rentals

Put yourself in an attendees’ shoes: walking around the floor is overwhelming with so much to look at. What should be included in your team meeting is how to stand out from other surrounding exhibits. You can use attention grabbing colors such as bright purple, red, or a stunning blue. Using the right colors can make all the difference.

Having a clear message along with your perfectly designed exhibit is part of having a successful show. Any company can have an exhibit, but it takes strategic planning to know what to do. Just showing up to your exhibit with your booth staff ready to go isn’t going to cut it. On the other hand, don’t push too much information at people to confuse them.

Show your staff how to act within the booth; set ground rules for behavior regarding the entire show. You might suggest booth staff to stand up and engage with people by the isles; you can’t wait for prospects to come to you. How do you expect people to be excited about your product if you’re not?

Be cautious about handing out freebies. Everyone loves free stuff, but you don’t want people visiting your booth and leaving. A smart freebie could be a coffee mug with your company name. Feature a coffee station within your space and this will be one way to entice people to converse with you.

Following up too late like a week after the show ends will not turn prospects into customers. The sooner you can follow-up, the better off you are to retain interest. Sending an email, connecting with them on LinkedIn, and then calling them the next day is an example of how to properly follow-up.




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