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Trade Show Labor

Trade Show Labor

ESI provides skilled, courteous and dependable workers for all of your trade show labor needs. We don’t make you wait in lines or come to us, we come to you. We coordinate all trades and verify all the orders so everything runs according to plan. We also verify the installation sequence, confirm the inbound & outbound frights, complete show floor forms, and even expedite show floor services. ESI has all of the resources you need to complete any project on time and we make sure that every product we build makes a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

I & D Trade Show Labor is so much more than JUST labor!

Trade Show Labor for Installation/Dismantle

Trade Show Labor

In addition to coordinating all show services, Exhibit Systems Inc. utilizes our own trade show labor staff for on-site installation and field supervision. We cover all of the U.S., as well as many international locations. All of ESI’s installers and field supervisors have years of trade show labor experience, including: move-in logistics, complete carpentry and fabrication skills (see Trade Show Booth Designs for more information), contractor relations and logistics, client equipment and product training, and management skills for efficiently running large labor crews.

Exhibit Systems Inc.’s in-house trade show labor team is responsible for coordinating and executing our trade show program. We are currently providing installation and dismantle labor in major cities across the country. In addition, we have networked with regional companies to provide nationwide coverage of union labor workers and City Manager to provide comprehensive labor services at extremely competitive costs.

ESI was created by industry professionals who fully understand the costs and critical concerns required to create a trade show or retail space (see Exhibit Rentals for more information). From handling early move-ins to last minute graphics to repairing damaged components, our trade show labor team will make it happen. Across the country, from start to finish and 24 hours a day, we are there when you need us.

Trade Show LaborESI has made it our business to professionally manage the installation and dismantling of your trade show exhibits for streamlines, expert results. While some organizers choose general contractors to do their trade show labor, but there are many more benefits to hiring an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, or EAC, for installation and dismantling.

Some of our SHOW SERVICES include:


Trade Show Labor

Trade Show Labor/Exhibit Program Management

We follow a comprehensive yet flexible, 10-step process covering all aspects of exhibiting at trade shows. Tailored to meet ongoing program management, the steps encompass:

1. Develop Annual Show Schedule
Exhibit Systems Inc. (ESI) will acquire input from client’s brand and marketing groups. Based on client objectives, EXHIBIT SYSTEMS will develop a master schedule summarizing relevant information for the year. This information generates an annual budget for review and planning purposes.

2. Acquire Tradeshow Requirements
Prior to each show, EXHIBIT SYSTEMS will initiate communication with designated client contact(s). A Pre-Show Planning Guide outlining specific show requirements will be initiated to aid in logistics management (see Trade Show Logistics for more information).

3. Optimize Exhibit Layout
With our CAD System, specific exhibit requirements will he incorporated into the design of the booth. This interactive process between EXHIBIT SYSTEMS and our client will provide several layout options for consideration. A library of all approved floor plans will be maintained and referenced.

4. Create Graphic Identity
EXHIBIT SYSTEMS will maximize the effectiveness of this communication medium by analyzing the objectives, brands and program focus for each show. A library of all approved graphics and corporate identifications will be maintained and referenced.

Trade Show Labor

5. Manage Show Services
Once the Show Kit is available, an EXHIBIT SYSTEMS Account Manager will coordinate all show services from transportation and drayage to labor and floral.

6. Prepare Cost Proposal
A detailed cost proposal will incorporate all known show requirements and will include a detailed Schedule of Activities with time frames and deadline dates.

7. Prepare and Ship Exhibit
Based upon the CAD developed exhibit layout, graphic and supply requirements. EXHIBIT SYSTEMS will:

  1. Pull from storage, inspect and clean appropriate properties and graphics
  2. Fabricate new components (if applicable)
  3. Set up Exhibit (in house, if required)
  4. reate shipping list from detailing client’s component inventory
  5. Ship Exhibit

8. Provide On-Site Services
EXHIBIT SYSTEMS’ trade show labor personnel are dedicated to our clients; that is, they are assigned to a specific client’s team and will travel to each of their shows to maximize familiarity with specific exhibit components.

9. Perform Post-Show Debriefing
We will formally review each facet of the planning cycle with individual team members. Issues, concerns and opportunities for future improvement will be recorded and incorporated into future exhibit executions.

10. Generate and Deliver Financial Reports
Budget versus Actual data will be analyzed and forecasting recommendations made to aid in future exhibit planning.

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