Conducting Proper Follow-ups after Trade Show Exhibits

If your company has just successfully completed a trade show and acquired a lot of leads, congratulations. However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Remember how long it took for you and your company to prepare for the trade show….well more work is coming. It is like taking an SAT prep class and not showing up for the test when it actually matters. Following up on leads with calls or emails is the next step in completing the sales process.

You need to prepare for generating leads at trade shows by having attendees complete a form on a tablet and potentially handing out a giveaway as an incentive. Information such as name, company, reason for visiting the exhibit, conversation notes, and what the person wants you to follow up on should be included. Nothing will be forgotten this way and a proper follow- up can happen three to five days after the show ends.

Trade Show Exhibits are all about individual booth attendees. Having all of your focus be on them when a conversation happens is important. Part of this process includes taking detailed notes about the topic or topics talked about; so a sales representative can follow up in a more direct, personal way. It will be helpful to include exact prices for the services the prospect is looking for along with any other important information.

Marketing and sales work together like peanut butter and jelly; you need both to complete a certain objective. A well-thought out plan for lead management needs to be executed by a sales team. Questions such as the following can start this planning:

  • Will an email or phone number serve as the primary method of contact?
  • How will the leads be sent to the sales team? Google Docs.?
  • How many sales reps will need to do doing the following up?

A productive way to collect leads is to have one person from the booth staff focus on this task. Notes on a pad of paper can always be entered into a system or shared document later for everyone else to view. With this method, necessary prospect information won’t be missed or lost within exhibits.

Marketing also works directly with lead management. A company doesn’t need to utilize their sales team if various methods of marketing are ineffective. Broadly speaking, post-show mailers, personal phone calls or emails, on-site marketing, and automated emails are included in the spectrum of the marketing world. Productive lead management begins with appropriate preparation for trade show exhibits. The process of following- up with leads after the show is equally important as planning your exhibit.

By: Mary Ruscitti at Exhibit Systems, Inc.




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