Not in the market to purchase a custom exhibit? Not a problem, renting exhibits is the solution!

Purchasing an exhibit can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Renting exhibits can minimize expenses by eliminating the costs of storage, repair, shipping, install and dismantle, while maximizing customization and flexibility in design.

An exhibit rental (or a short-term lease) is one way to utilize a unique exhibit without the cost of ownership. Renting exhibits allows clients to select a customized design for use at one or more trade shows without the up-front payments and additional expenditures.

A company renting an exhibit is not tied to the same booth size each show. It’s easy to update graphics and create a different look for different shows, and it’s the logical choice when a company is exhibiting at more than one trade show at a time. Renting an exhibit does not lock clients into a single exhibit design or layout – flexibility and customization are built right in!


Renting additional components to supplement the existing exhibit is also an alternative. Combining rental and ownership keeps an exhibit fresh, creative and interesting while increasing interaction with attendees. Our rental inventory includes exhibit accessories like stylish counters, kiosks, and furniture, as well as audiovisual equipment to complete the exhibit (see Rentals).
Renting exhibits
Exhibit Systems, Inc. offers a COMPLIMENTARY initial design, which includes customization and services specific to that show, to develop an all-inclusive quote. Complete our comprehensive Design Form, click submit and you are on your way to a new exhibit without spending a dime. Renting an exhibit also allows a company the flexibility to simply show up on-site to a completely installed structure (see Logistics for more information). If the next show has a different booth size or product offering, simply select a new design for the rental.

A company, whether buying to own or renting, should be in constant communication with their chosen exhibit builder to make sure the process runs smoothly and cost-effectively. Contact Exhibit Systems, Inc. today!




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