If you’re planning on purchasing Trade Show Furniture, there are several issues you need to ponder on before making a purchase. First, what are the top three uses for the furniture. Second, will the interactions you hold at the Trade Show Exhibits be for long or short periods of time? Third, will the Trade Show Exhibits be used for audio/video presentations as well? Lastly, is it a must for your company to follow a consistent visual image especially when it comes to furniture? (See more information about Trade Show Booth Designs to help answer these questions.)
After answering these questions and assessing your requirements, then you can move on to reviewing the choices of Furniture to outfit your exhibits with. Knowing the exact purpose of the Trade Show Exhibit will make it easier for you to decide on what chairs, tables, and other Trade Show Furniture you will need.

You need to make sure the furniture you select should be trendy and exclusive and give the exhibit a smart and elegant look. The appearance of the exhibit depends on the arrangement of the furniture inside the room. The color scheme also plays an important role in enhancing the overall look of the exhibit (See more about our Exhibit Graphics information). You should make sure that you choose the best Furniture that suits your taste and improves the decor of your exhibit and attendees experience.

Knowing all these, you can gather the many options you have for Trade Show furniture. Obviously, your choices will depend on the kind of business you are in and the budget involved. All things considered, you should be able to furnish your company’s Trade Show Exhibit with pieces that will effectively project your companies personality to your employees, associates and clients.

Trade Show Furniture Chairs

Whilst in most cases, the Furniture will only be used for a few hours at a time; you would still want employees, management people and clients sitting comfortably in them.

Trade Show Furniture Tables

Trade Show tables come in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors to fit your company’s needs. You would want the style to complement your particular business and Trade Show Concept. An ideal Trade Show table should comfortably seat people with enough work space and elbow room for each person. Interaction in Trade Show Exhibits is key to the effectiveness of your show. Trade show furniture and tables come in all sizes and almost any style and combination of materials that match corporate furnishings.

Conference Trade Show Furniture

If you want your trade show exhibit and furniture to look as professional as possible, ESI provides a wide variety of conference chairs and tables.


Carpet To Accent Your New Trade Show Furniture!

ESI can provide carpet in a variety of colors designed to enhance your exhibit and accent your furniture.

Lounge Trade Show Furniture

Lounge chairs and couches are a great way to accent you exhibit. People love to lounge around, no matter where they are.


Trade Show Furniture Occasional Tables

With creative designs for occasional tables, your trade show furniture can have endless possibilities!


Office Trade Show Furniture

During the process of attracting customers, your booth will need perfect furniture to accent the design. With our office furniture you will never look out of place!


Extra Trade Show Furniture

When you need a random piece to make your exhibit look perfect, ESI has an amazing collection of extra furniture.





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