Why Design Criteria is Essential for Exhibit Building

Tips for Trade Show Design

Designing a trade show booth is like deciding what apartment to move into. You have a lot of options with many things to consider, such as, how much per month, how many bedrooms you’ll need, and getting a roommate or not. Trade show design and exhibits require the same amount of planning and logic.

A lot of factors come into play when thinking about how a company wants their booth to look. Size, different components, carpet and flooring, graphics, hanging sign, rent or purchase, and what company to produce it, are all things to consider when brainstorming for your future exhibit.

Booth size depends upon where you can get space on the trade show floor. Finding a space early determines how visible you’ll be to attendees. If you’re late, you risk not having as many good options to pick from. The components you’ll feature inside will change depending on the booth size. If you want a conference room in a 10 X 10 exhibit, it might be a simple table and chairs with no dividing wall.

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Budget is the one of the first things a design company will ask about because it provides a framework as to what can be done. You can’t have a 50 X 50 exhibit with a $7,000 budget. If your company wants a back lit reception counter verses a generic one, the budget needs to accommodate for that. You can save time for both parties if you’re honest about what you can spend upfront.

An exhibit component, which can eat up a chunk of your budget, is a hanging sign. These are necessary in order to stand out from other companies. Pinwheel, square, round, and triangular are a few shapes a hanging sign can take. They can be small or big and you can place graphics with various background colors on them.

When it comes to designing exhibits, you have more than one option. A marketing or design company, exhibit house, or the show contractor can design a booth for you. Talk to your team about what they want collectively and search for one in your local town. You could also have each person contact a company and see which design or rendering looks better.

Visuals like graphics are essential for branding your booth. The purpose is to show who your company is and to catch people’s attention. For example, you can place graphics on Plexiglas or the back wall. TV monitors can play a product demonstration video for attendees, and posters can be used to show off products.

Another factor to think about is purchasing or renting a trade show exhibit. Whether you want to rent or purchase depends on how many times you want to use the exhibit and your budget. If a company attends eight shows in a year, then the better option is to purchase and reuse it for different shows. If you attend two shows, you can rent a booth twice with different designs.

Thinking about everything you need for a trade show can be exhausting, but a little planning and the right company to help will calm those feelings of anxiety. It helps to be on the same page as your team. Have a common goal for exhibiting and constantly focus on it. Lastly, double check that every team member is involved with each key decision made.




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